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The CAfLN Board of Directors are appointed annually at the Annual CAfLN Symposium and AGM. Committee Chairs are voluntary positions. The Annual Symposium and AGM is a one-day event which usually coincides with the Annual CAfLN Conference.

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Becoming a member on one of our many committees is as easy as becoming a CAfLN member and then contacting the committee chairperson. Explore the website for committee descriptions (insert location) and find one that interests you. Next, reach out to the chairperson and express your interest. Our work is richer when we have many people with diverse perspectives working on our priorities.
If you would like to become a member of the CAfLN Board, ensure you are a CAfLN member and then watch for the announcement for our Annual General Meeting (in mid-May). Join us at our AGM to express interest. You can also express interest in advance by contacting Lorna Earl (past-president) or Katie White (president) at any time. Most positions are appointed annually and are one-year terms, with the exception of the President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, which are elected, two-year positions.

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