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The CAfLN Board of Directors are appointed annually at the Annual CAfLN Symposium and AGM. Committee Chairs are voluntary positions. The Annual Symposium and AGM is a one-day event which usually coincides with the Annual CAfLN Conference.

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The CAfLN Executive

With the obvious exception of our founding members, these are elected positions, usually filled by individuals who have been CAfLN members for some time.   


Our President is the public face of CAfLN. The President works closely with the President-elect to manage our monthly meetings, and to communicate frequently with members through our many channels to keep them informed about CAfLN issues, directions, concerns, and new challenges.  The President typically chats often with our three founding members to ensure that our network remains true to its mission.


Our President-in-waiting tends to serve as Vice-President for our network.  This individual truly forms a partnership with our leader, and they often deputize for each other, as required.


While this is largely an honorary role, the Past-President does chair our annual general meeting.  And due to the experience gained leading CAfLN, the Past-President is able to provide wise counsel to the current President.

Founding Members

Our three founding members are the historical voice and conscience of our network.  Having envisioned CAFLN back in 2011, Lorna, Damian and Ken are able to provide a consistent, stabilizing perspective as our network evolves.


Our Secretary is essential to the smooth running of CAfLN.  This multi-skilled individual captures, through note-taking and minutes, all proceedings of meetings and ensures the timely sharing of this information with our members.


As a not-for-profit organization, our Treasurer is vital to ensure that CAfLN’s books are current, and that our finances are sufficient, both to support the work of our committees, and to underwrite conferences and other events.  The Treasurer also prepares annual financial statements and documents for tax purposes.


The CAfLN Board

These are positions filled by volunteers who are willing to take on leadership roles.

Communications Team

Since CAfLN is a pan-Canadian network, maintaining communication among our members is critical.  A varied mix of creative individuals, supported by several tech-savvy folks, keep us all connected for our scheduled meetings, frequent online conversations, virtual events, and other offerings.

The roles comprising our Communications Team include Social Media Co-ordinator, Newsletter Editor, Website Curator, and IT Lead.

Travel Coordinator

While the pandemic curtailed all CAfLN travel for three years, this position is a natural for a travel agent “wannabee”. Our Travel Co-ordinator arranges travel and accommodations for annual events such as the conference and symposium, while also keeping a watchful eye on the budget.

CAfLN Committee Chairs

The various CAfLN committees are where the real work of our network is undertaken.  And the chairpersons, who are typically members of the Board, attend our monthly meetings to keep the leadership team informed as to each committee’s work.

The current slate of Committee Chairpersons includes the following:

The Membership Recruitment Chair maintains our membership list and ensures that CAfLN continues to have representation from across Canada, and from both K to 12 and the post-secondary sectors.

The Membership Management and Support Chair keeps track of membership renewals and assists new members to become acquainted with CAfLN’s work.

The Resources Chair and French Resources Co-ordinator work together to identify and curate potential resources for our website.  

The Research Chair spotlights Canadian research as well as identifies and curates current Canadian and global AfL research.  The role also includes communicating with the assessment research community at large, and assisting members in their own research.

The Inquiry Groups Chair.  CAfLN provides funding for a limited number of inquiry groups who identify specific topics involving assessment for learning and engage in a sustained inquiry process.  Their final reports ensure that our members have access to the latest Canadian research.  The Chair provides leadership and support for these groups

The CAfLN Conversations Chair suggests to the Board topics for these online conversations and moderates the online conversations as they occur during the year.

The Annual Conference/Retreat/Main Event Chair.  In recent years, our “Annual Conference” has taken many different forms as we have responded to the reality of the pandemic.  Regardless, the chairperson ensures that a willing and able committee is struck each year with the end result being a richer, better-informed, and more engaged network.

The Symposium Chair.  While the “conference” is always open to the educational community at large, the Symposium is for members only.  It is an opportunity for the “assessment nerds” among us to delve deeply into one or more of the issues that has come to the fore most recently.  The Chair ensures that a willing and able committee is struck to plan and carry out this important event in our calendar.

Becoming a member on one of our many committees is as easy as becoming a CAfLN member and then contacting the committee chairperson. Explore the website for committee descriptions (insert location) and find one that interests you. Next, reach out to the chairperson and express your interest. Our work is richer when we have many people with diverse perspectives working on our priorities.
If you would like to become a member of the CAfLN Board, ensure you are a CAfLN member and then watch for the announcement for our Annual General Meeting (in mid-May). Join us at our AGM to express interest. You can also express interest in advance by contacting Lorna Earl (past-president) or Katie White (president) at any time. Most positions are appointed annually and are one-year terms, with the exception of the President, President-elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, which are elected, two-year positions.

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