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  • Payments can be made using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express, etc.
  • The card must be issued to the purchaser who is doing the transaction.
  • We strongly recommend the member purchases  individual memberships. A membership is a subscription; all access, membership benefits and communication are tied to the purchaser's Email address.
  • In the special circumstance when another individual other than the member must pay for individual membership, please get in touch with us before the purchase.


  • If purchasing single event registration for another person, please enter the registrant's email address in the Order notes field.
  • If purchasing multiple event registrations, please enter the additional registrants' email address(s) in the Order notes field. 

After receiving a successful Credit card payment confirmation from Paypal, the website sends a payment receipt to the purchaser within 5 to 10 minutes. If you didn't receive a receipt (please check your junk Email folder), the payment was most likely unsuccessful.

  • Paypal does not or can not process a payment if there is an inconsistency in the billing information. Example: Entered name, postal code, city etc., does not match the Credit card provider's data. Or if the Credit card provider is blocking the payment for some reason. If you are using your (issued to you) credit card, entering the correct information, and payment still doesn't go through, please get in touch with your Credit card provider; the provider has more insight into why a payment failed.
  • Username or registered Email address can be used alternatively for login. If you do not remember your password, please click the forgot password link on the login page and use your registered Email address to reset the password.
  • The site will lock your account for four hours if you enter an incorrect password ten times within the last four hours. If you receive an account-locked message, please retry after four hours of receiving the message.

Membership renewal is essentially a new membership purchase. The website sends three notifications related to membership expiration ( upcoming expiration of membership, on expiration and post-expiration)

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