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How CAfLN Started

As CAfLN celebrates its 10th. birthday, here’s a very brief look into how our network began …

Lorna Earl and I were both working on a long term project with a school board in Ontario when, just before heading into a planning meeting we were chatting and discovered that we’d recently come to the same realization:  Canada needs a professional network to connect educators, from all levels – K to post-secondary – who share our passion for assessment that actually increases learning, rather than simply measures it.  Furthermore, we aren’t getting any younger!  Why don’t we also create this network to provide support, mentorship, resources, and whatever else we can, to help launch the next generation of Canadian leaders in assessment? 

And because Ken O’Connor had been both a dear friend and colleague in assessment for several decades, we decided that he should complete our triumvirate of CAfLN founders.  By the way, the name, Canadian Assessment for Learning Network, came much later. 

A series of brainstorming sessions facilitated by my wife, Nanci Wakeman, occurred at our house and gradually CAfLN’s mission emerged.  Our network launched in the late summer of 2012 and our inaugural conference took place in Winnipeg in May, 2014.

What are our priorities for the next year to 18 months?

The priorities of the Canadian Assessment for Learning Network are:

  1. To build and nurture professional relationships through both facilitated and organic networking opportunities in both face-to-face and online contexts.
  2. To advocate, in a variety of contexts, for practices and policies that align with the principles of assessment for learning.
  3. To provide both membership and the public at large, access to expertise in the areas of assessment and grading.
  4. To both curate and create resources and research/ inquiry that will support educators, students, and leaders in their work with assessment for learning.
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