2016 Conference Highlights


Moving Forward: Assessment for Learning in Policy, Research and Practice

2016-05-18 Conference Keynote Kidder

More than 200 delegates attended this year’s Canadian Assessment for Learning Network at the Faculty of Education on the beautiful campus of Queen’s University in Kingston on May 13th.  Each year, our numbers have grown, thanks to the stellar work of our Executive and members who continue to spread the word across the country about the benefits of joining CAfLN.

Chris DeLuca and his committee put together a rich, multi-faceted program on the theme of “Moving Forward: Assessment for Learning in Policy, Research and Practice”.  Delegates were greeted on Friday morning by Chris and by Jill Scott, Vice-Provost of Teaching and Learning.  Damian Cooper, President of CAfLN, then extended greetings and introduced our keynote speaker, Annie Kidder, Executive Director of People for Education.  Annie engaged everyone with her passion and humour as she described the “Measuring What Matters” project, a major initiative of her organization.  We encourage you to learn more about this work at www.peopleforeducation.ca.

Panel 1

Following a nutrition break, delegates heard from a panel representing The Eastern Ontario Staff Development Network who spoke about “Assessment for Learning across a Professional Network”.  The eight panelists (Eleanor Newman, EOSDN; Tammy Billen, HPEDSB/EOSDN; Danielle LaPointe-McEwan, Queen’s; Sharon McNamara-Trevisan, OME; Jackie Stadnyk, RCDSB; Catherine Koehler, CDSBEO; Vicki McGinn, ALCDSB; Tracy Joyce, RCCDSB) described how this collaborative inquiry, which involves nine Ontario school districts, is having a dramatic impact on improving teaching and learning in mathematics. Slides from this presentation are on the website.


Following lunch, delegates selected two sessions from the following menu of workshops:

Triangulating Assessment Evidence in the AfL Context, Damian Cooper, Plan~Teach~Assess

Grading and AfL, Ken O’Connor, Assess for Success Consulting Inc.

Using the Classroom Assessment Standards to Identify and Resolve Assessment Dilemmas in Today’s Classrooms, Dr. Don Klinger, Queen’s

Assessment in the Play-Based Kindergarten Classroom, Dr. Angela Pyle, OISE

Creating Possibilities: Studying the Student Experience, Sharon McNamara-Trevisan & Rachel Ryerson, OME

Conversations, Observations, and Self & Peer-Assessment in Secondary Mathematics, Stephanie Girvan, HDSB

People, Places and Things that Move AfL Forward in the Peel District School Board, Kristen Clarke, PDSB

Assessment for Learning in the Arts, Dr. Benjamin Bolden, Queen’s

Many of the slide presentations supporting these sessions are available on the website.

The final session was a researcher panel facilitated by Dr. Lorna Earl.  Dr. Susan Drake and Ms. Brandy Doan (Brock University), Dr. Lyn Shulha (Queen’s Univeristy), Dr. Dany Leveault and Dr. Christine Suurtamm (University of Ottawa) addressed the topic of “Innovative Thinking in AfL”. Slide presentations for this panel are available on the website.

Workshop 5

Damian Cooper and Chris DeLuca closed the day by awarding door prizes donated by our sponsors, and thanking everyone involved in a most satisfying day of learning and networking.  Libations were enjoyed by a healthy cohort at Sir John’s Pub in the vibrant waterfront area of Kingston.


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