When the Bubble Bursts

Submitted by Grant Page I spent most of my teaching career in one school, a school where, from the beginning, I was challenged to develop and defend my pedagogy and philosophy of learning. I was given the opportunity to explore alternatives, take risks and fail miserably, so long as I kept moving forward. It was

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Moving Assessment Forward in Strong and Wise Ways

Submitted by Brooke Moore and Neil Stephenson Teachers who spend time crafting thoughtful comments on student work are wasting their time if they also give a score (Dylan Wiliam, 2015). But taking away the mark won’t do any good either unless you replace it with something worthwhile. The worthwhile strategies are clear and the news

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Stumbling Toward Collective Efficacy

Submitted by: Steve Kitchen, Jesse Reis, Shantel Strasky, Brenda Wilton If you were to visit our school in Waldheim, Saskatchewan (a K-12 school of almost 400 students that is part of Prairie Spirit School Division) you would not hear one grade 3 student say to another: “Hey, have you noticed how the collective efficacy of

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A Conference Chair’s Reflection

Submitted by Bernie Van Doninck   It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost six months since the CAFLN conference in Dartmouth and that there is still so much energy here as a result of this event.  On a personal note I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who attended. Equally so, I

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Not Your Average Membership

Submitted by Katie White As I was preparing to attend the Canadian Assessment for Learning Conference and Symposium in Dartmouth this year, I was asked more than once by colleagues why I work so hard to attend. I certainly have enough “stuff” to fill my days and Nova Scotia is awfully far away from Saskatchewan,

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Understandings of Assessment Must Be Formative

Submitted by Jimmy Pai – Secondary Teacher in Ottawa, Ontario What does assessment mean to you? Is it a test? A quiz? An interaction? A response? A student’s glare in a particular direction as she’s working on a problem? Or perhaps a teacher’s noticings of this glare and many moments? This word, ‘assessment,’ can be

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The Landscape in Which You Live

Submitted by Lori Jeschke – Director of Education in Prairie Spirit School Division, Saskatchewan   “Tell me the landscape in which you live and I will tell you who you are.” Spanish Philosopher Ortega Y Gasset What do we want to be known for in Prairie Spirit? When I get to share about the work we

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Professional Growth Through AfL

Submitted by Grant Page Teacher stories are opportunities to share insights and celebrate growth. They are reflections on strengths and weaknesses we all have as professionals. Here is part of my story, originally written in 2006 for Middle Ground, the magazine of Middle Level Education published by the National Middle School Association, now the AMLE

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CAfLN Conference 2017 – What I Learned

Submitted by Lori Jeschke, CAfLN Executive – Symposium Chair A Reflection on CAfLN 2017 – What I learned because you (Damian, Ken and Lorna) were in the room.   Whenever I get to be in a place where I can learn from others’ practice, experience, and expertise, I am mindful of something that Sandra Herbst

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