Can you feel it?

CAfLN is on the Move

Can you feel it? There is an energy in the air. Things are as normal as they are going to get and educators are ready to focus the education agenda on what really matters – learning for students, all students. There is no optimum time; there is just now.

In the Canadian Assessment for Learning Network, we know that many teachers, leaders and education faculty members across the country are already working to maintain and to enhance assessment practices that promote and accelerate student learning in our schools. CAfLN is building a program of events and activities to link these cutting edge teachers together and provide a forum for them to learn from and with one another during 2022-23:

CAfLN is a member-led, not-profit organization connecting people across Canada who are interested in the use of assessment for learning and the development of related research, policies, and practice in Education.

Once a month, CAfLN will host a zoom CAfLN Conversation for members on a topic of current interest. These conversations are stimulated by a prompt that focuses attention on an assessment issue and CAfLN members bring their own wisdom, questions and experience to direct the discussion. In the past, we have focused on stories of classroom assessment and “resources to respond to student needs”. Watch your email for adverts about what is coming next.

Ken O’Connor and Katie White have held a number of TWITTER Chats and there are more to come. Past topics include: …. Stay tuned and get involved in these stimulating and informative events and if you have topics to suggest, send us and email at

One of the key initiatives for CAfLN this year is an CAfLN Sub-Committee and on-going CAfLN Inquiry focused on the intersectionality and alignment between learner-centred assessment practices and Indigenous Ways of Knowing. As part of this in-depth work, the CAfLN Inquiry team will invite number of Indigenous educators to participate in a Spotlight Series with CAfLN members. These Spotlights will be a highlight of the CAfLN program this year. Don’t miss them.

Are you passionate about assessment in schools? Does your job include leading or teaching assessment in your school, district or faculty? The CAfLN Summer Professional Learning Forum is a chance for you to engage in collaborative learning and interact with assessment experts from across Canada on initiatives that matter to you. This 3 day intensive, self-directed learning forum will include short master classes, time for individual inquiry, collaborative sessions with colleagues and individual consulting with CAfLN coaches including Damian Cooper, Lorna Earl, Martha Koch, Ken O’Connor, Katie White, and many others.

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