Institutional Membership

CAfLN is a member-driven network designed to connect people across Canada with an interest in Assessment for Learning so that they can learn from, with and on behalf of one another.  This means that membership is intended for individuals.  We are aware that there are organisations with a number of people who are interested in joining CAfLN and would like to participate.  For this reason, we have created an option for institutional membership.  In this plan, there is some preferential pricing for institutions of different sizes.  However, because CAfLN is a network of individuals, the people within the institution must be named and they will become full members of the CAfLN network. 

Purchase Annual Canadian Assessment for Learning Network Instintutional Membership

If you are unable to pay on our website or have any questions or concerns related to institutional membership , please email with below information:

  1. Number of memberships you would like to purchase
  2. Preferred method of payment

Institutional Member Rates:

Base Member Rate is $100.00

6 – 20 Members – 10% OFF

21 – 30 Members – 20% OFF

31 – 40 Members – 30% OFF

41 – 50 Members – 40% OFF

51+ Members – 50% OFF

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