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Building Teachers' Capacity in Authentic Assessment and Assessment for Learning

Hadden, J., Parks, C., Sanden, L., Monaghan, M., Gallant, A., & LaFrance, M.

Assessment Best Practices
Planning and Assessment
Research study with grade six teachers on how to build their own use of authentic assessment in the classroom.
English language, Canada, Article

Himmele, W., & Himmele, P.

Assessment FOR Learning
This free webinar provides specific examples of how to implement assessment FOR learning that involves all students at once rather than one at a time.
English language, US, webinar
An introduction to student-involved assessment FOR learning (7th edition)

Stiggins, R.J. & Chappuis, J.

Assessment FOR Learning
What is assessment FOR Learning?
Book: This book is best known for its focus on how to involve students in the assessment process and how to use assessment as a tool to advance learning.
English language, US, Article

Black, P., & Wiliam, D. (1998).

Assessment FOR Learning
What is assessment FOR Learning?
Article: Firm evidence shows that formative assessment is an essential component of classroom work and that its development can raise standards of achievement, Mr. Black and Mr. Wiliam point out. Indeed, they know of no other way of raising standards for which such a strong prima facie case can be made.
English language, US, Article
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