Assessment for Learning Research in Canada

The Rights and Responsibility of Test Takers when Large-Scale Testing Is Used for Classroom Assessment - Christina van Barneveld and Karieann Brinson

Peer and Self-Assessment in High Schools by Brian Noonan and C. Randy Duncan

Reflections on the Use of Large-Scale Student Assessment for Improving Student Success by Charles Ungerleider

Preservice Teachers' Discriminatory Judgments by Tasha Riley and Charles Ungerleider.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy: How Teachers' Attributions, Expectations, and Stereotypes Influence the Learning Opportunities Afforded Aboriginal Students by Tasha Riley and Charles Ungerleider

Measuring What Matters: Moving from Theory to Practice by David Hagen Cameron, Elyse Watkins, and Annie Kidder

Change and progress in teacher education: Research on recent innovations in teacher preparation in Canada - Article by Lynn Thomas and Mark Hirschkorn.

Exploring Teacher Candidates’ Assessment Literacy: Implications for Teacher Education Reform and Professional Development by Louis Volante & Xavier Fazio


Other Research (Not Published)

Using a Problem-based Learning Approach to Develop Preservice Teachers' Assessment Literacy and Conceptions of Assessment

Kim Koh (Calgary), Jennifer Lock (Calgary)


An Exploration of Canadian Teachers' Beliefs about Inclusive Classroom Assessment

Pei-Ying Lin (Saskatchewan)


Formative Assessment and Collaborative Learning in a Required Course 

Julie Mueller (WLU)


Navigating the Tensions of Assessment: Exploring Micro-cultures in Teacher Education

Beaumie Kim (Calgary), Jennifer Lock (Calgary), Kim Koh (Calgary), Kinga Olszewska (Calgary), Norman Vaughan (Mount Royal), Kadriye Ercikan UBC


Measuring What Matters: Developing Broader Measures for Student
Success from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in Ontario, Canada

David Cameron (People for Education), Nina Bascia (Toronto), Rena Upitis
(Queen's), Alan Sears (UNB), Stuart Shanker (York), Bruce Ferguson
(Toronto & The Hospital for Sick Children), Annie Kidder (People for
Education), Charles Ungerleider (Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group), Kelly ()


Exemplary Teachers' Use of Classroom Assessment in the 21st Century

Danielle Beckett (Brock)


The evolution of 4th year pre-service ESL teachers' beliefs and practices about formative assessment.

Alexandre Mesquita (Sherbrooke)


Students' Aspirations and Ideas about Learning in Design: Developing Rubrics for Assessment

Bernie Murray (Ryerson)


Assessment for Learning in the Classroom: The Students' Perspective

Allison Chapman (Queen's), Christopher DeLuca (Queen's), Don Klinger (Queen's)


Measuring Teacher Assessment Competency: An Instrument Development Study

Christopher DeLuca (Queen's), Danielle LaPointe (Queen's), Ulemu Luhanga QUEENS


Methods or Madness? An Approach for Measuring Non-Cognitive Attributes in Complex Assessment Environments

Stefanie Sebok (Queen's)


Listening Project for Assessment Practices to Support Mathematics Learning and Understanding for Students (APLUS)

David Pugalee (University of North Carolina)


Invited presentation :: The role of regulation in formative assessment

Dany Laveault (Ottawa)


Panel :: Reflections on assessment in relation to SRL

Susanne Lajoie (McGill), Dawn Buzza (WLU), Deborah Butler (UBC), Sylvie Cartier (Montréal)


Turning the Corner: The Role of Learning Management Systems in Enhancing Formative Assessment

Shehzad Ghani (Ottawa), David Trumpower (Ottawa)


Exploring the Development of Teacher Candidates' Assessment Literacy

Glenda Black (Nipissing)