Assessment for Learning in Canada


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Student Assessment Study Final Report
The Alberta Student Assessment Study (2006-2009) was commission by the Government of Alberta and conducted by researchers at the University of Calgary (Webber & Scott), University of Lethbridge (Aitken & Runte) and University of Alberta (Lupart). The final report discusses misconceptions and challenges related to AfL in Alberta’s educational system.


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Ministry of Education - Classroom Assessment and Student Reporting
The information on this webpage is broadly related to classroom assessment and reporting on student achievement in BC, and doesn’t focus specifically on AfL. Links to some key documents are provided (including the WNCP link below).
Ministry of Education – Transforming Assessment
This is also a BC Ministry of Education website, and the information provided via this link reflects a shift in the approach to assessment that has come about through provincial consultations with in BC education. As indicated on the webpage, the use of AfL is emphasized for BC classrooms.


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Assessment and Evaluation
Manitoba Education’s Assessment and Evaluation webpage emphasizes three purposes of assessment and provides access to K-12 assessment documents. Sections link to additional information on the Provincial Assessment Initiative (classroom focus building on the WNCP document and to the Provincial Assessment Program (large-scale).

Manitoba First Nations Resource Center - Student Learning Assessments Program

Three purposes of assessment are also highlighted on the Manitoba First Nations Resource Center’s Student Learning Assessments Program webpage. The link to Seven Key Terms and Posters provides definitions and four posters that show key questions asked by teachers, students, and parents in the processes of assessment as, for, and of learning.


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Education and Early Childhood Development
See links under Assessment and Evaluation. The New Brunswick Provincial Assessment Framework discusses formative assessment as a part of balanced assessment, but most of the information on this site pertains to the provincial assessment program.


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Education and Early Childhood Development
This website does not provide information specifically on AfL. The section for parents provides information on public exams and the provincial assessment program. The section for teachers has links to curriculum guides for different grades and subjects, which do contain on assessment as, for, and of learning.


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Education, Culture and Employment - Early Childhood and School Services
The webpage dedicated to Student Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting (SAER) in the Northwest Territories provides an overview of a system that uses Alberta’s exams and diploma tests for measuring educational achievement. A link at the bottom of the page is to a document, Educating All Our Children: Procedures, Roles and Responsibilities for Student Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting, containing a cyclical model for classroom assessment and definitions of assessment purposes, including AfL. See also the WNCP link below.


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Education and Early Childhood Development
The webpage for Evaluation Services contains information about and resources for Nova Scotia’s large-scale assessment program. More useful as resources for AfL are several of the videos that are easily accessed through the Learning Resources and Technology Services’ Digital Video Library. See for example Assessment Through Play (2014), Assessment & Instruction (2012) in the Primary-3 Reading Workshop Series, and Assessment (2012) in the Senior High Best Practices Series.


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Nunavut Department of Education – Student Assessment and Evaluation Division
The Student Assessment and Evaluation Division webpage lists seven principles that guide student assessment in Nunavut. The site also provides information about classroom assessment, the student information system, and has links to several key resources, including the WNCP document (see below). See Ilitaunnikuliriniq Dynamic Assessment as Learning in Nunavut Schools for a beautifully illustrated and informative guide to the philosophy and practice of classroom assessment in Nunavut.


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Ministry of Education
The main assessment policy document in Ontario, Growing Success (2010), contains a ten-page chapter on AfL and AasL. It is accessible through the Administrators’ section under Policy and Reference. AfL is also discussed in the resource guide Learning for All, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (2013), which supports the integration of teaching and assessment. Additionally, several of the brief in the Ministry’s Capacity Building Series discuss AfL (e.g., Inquiry-Based Learning, 2013; Pedagogical Documents, 2012; Primary Assessment, 2010).


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Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Information relating to educational assessment on this website focuses on large-scale or standardized assessments at various levels, from the Early Years Evaluation administered before children enter Kindergarten to the provincial assessment program (grades 3, 9 and 9) as well the Pan-Canadian and international assessments. Curriculum documents (i.e., Foundations for Atlantic Canada) contain information on classroom assessment and evaluation, but they do not explicitly discuss AfL or formative assessment.


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Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport
Assessment-related publications in English on this website are about large-scale programs (PCAP, PIRLS, TIMSS). Frameworks for classroom evaluation of student learning are found in the section for teachers (enseignants). With the exception of documents for teaching English, these resources are in French. If you are interested in helping CAfLN develop a bibliography of French-language resources on AfL, please contact us using the email address on the CAfLN website.


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Student Achievement and Supports, Assessment Unit
The homepage on this site has links for a variety of assessments at different levels, including the Early Years Evaluation, the Help Me Tell My Story (holistic assessment to support learning), Departmental Examinations, the Pan-Canadian Assessment Program, and international assessments (PIRLS, PISA). There is also a link to information from and about the Student First initiative currently underway in Saskatchewan. See also the WNCP link below.


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The Assessment and Evaluation webpage contains information about the mandatory assessments administered from pre-Kindergarten to grade 12 in the Yukon, including the Early Years Evaluation, the Yukon Foundation Skills Assessments (grades 4 and 7), the British Columbia Provincial Exams (grades 10 and 12), and a final Language Proficiency Index. Information more specifically related to AfL is found in the Student Support Services Manual (under Student Support) and the Leadership Practices Framework (under School Councils). There are also several videos relating the AfL that are available for Yukon teachers through their Resource Services. See also the WNCP link below.

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Classroom Assessment
The WNCP is a collaborative partnership between Alberta Education, British Columbia Ministry of Education, Manitoba Department – Citizenship and Youth, Northwest Territories Department of Education – Culture and Employment, Nunavut Department of Education, Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, and Yukon Education. The WNCP document was co-authored by Lorna Earl (Lorna Earl & Associates) and Steven Katz (OISE, University of Toronto).