2014 CAfLN Symposium and AGM

CAfLN Members` Symposium and AGM
The annual CAfLN Members`Symposium is a closed meeting specifically for CAfLN members to share and grow our kowledge by coming together to build CAfLN as a strong network of educators with a special interest in AfL. The Members` Symposium is where we hear stories from the field, get inside the working of AfL in schools and classrooms, have a chance to learn together and cross-pollinate the work that is being done across the country.  Think about what you would like to share, what you want to learn and about the pressing issues that we can work on together more effectively than on our own.  If you have suggestions, or want to participate in the planning, contact us at info@cafln.ca

CAfLN Board of Directors and Committee Chairs 2014 June

CAfLN By Law #1 July final