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This page is dedicated to collecting quality Assessment for and as Learning artifacts which reflect Promising Practices from a variety of learning spaces. If you have an artifact you would like to share within our network, please contact the CAfLN Resources Chairperson.

Type: AaL Contributor: J. Green

With the (somewhat) recent changes to the BC Curriculum, I have been spending a great deal of time contemplating how to meaningfully engage students in this new focus for learning. What follows is an example of how I was attempting to incorporate Indigenous Understandings, the Core Competencies, and Assessment as Learning principles in a thoughtful and purposeful way for my grade 3 students.

A colleague (or two... or three) had let me know about The Six Cedar Trees book. I had decided to visit my friend Terri at Strong Nations Books in my hometown. She walked me through the book and supporting materials that could help me incorporate my love of Formative Assessment, with the need to incorporate Indigenous Understandings, and the requirement to report on the Core Competencies from the student perspective.

Once again, while I could go on about the scaffolded approach I used to both introduce and engage students in the process, I would rather show you the results of my endeavours.

The following examples are of grade 2 and 3 students responding in weekly journals (every Friday) to their learning for the week. Students connect their learning and performance to one of the six (6) spirit animals, and set goals for the following week. Further, you will see parents responding to their children's thoughts and reflections. Enjoy!