About CAfLN

CAfLN is an opportunity for Canadian educators everywhere who are interested in Assessment for Learning to connect with one another, share knowledge and move the AfL work in Canada forward in many forms and many contexts.
Unlike many other groups in education, CAfLN is not a professional organization with formal structures and agendas; it is a network of members who interact with one another because of commitment to the shared purpose of strengthening the quality and the power of Assessment for Learning across Canada. As a network, CAfLN is voluntary, flexible, and highly adaptable to unique and varying social, political and educational contexts.
CAfLN provides a forum for engagement that is dynamic and driven by the interests and work of the members. Members undertake activities together in things like working groups, electronic forums, and pop-up meetings spread across contexts, sectors and geography. The linked nature of the work, and the quality of participation in the shared space of the network makes this kind of working enriching and unique.
One of the main purposes of CAfLN is to establish relationships that act as the ‘‘connective tissue’’ of Assessment for Learning across Canada. Through these relationships, CAfLN members work together, share knowledge and challenges, create a common language and a sense of shared responsibility, and provide channels for communicating and disseminating information to one another and beyond.

We are dedicated to nurturing and sustaining  Assessment for learning in educational institutions in canada

The Canadian Assessment for Learning Network (CAfLN) is a non-profit organization focused on establishing and sustaining assessment for learning in elementary, secondary and tertiary education across Canada.  CAfLN is a flexible, member-led organization to foster collaboration and sharing among educators, leaders and researchers with responsibility for assessment policy, practice, and research at local, provincial and post-secondary levels in Canada. CAfLN will provide a forum for sharing and mobilizing knowledge about AfL by:

  • Connecting Canadians interested in AfL with colleagues across Canada and internationally
  • Developing and maintaining a website that includes an interactive platform for on-line discussion and provides current information about AfL
  • Convening an annual symposium of members to share experiences, discuss, debate, and develop practices and professional learning related to AfL that can be implemented in schools and post-secondary institutions
  • Supporting a local AfL practice-oriented conference with a rotating venue across Canada
  • Mentoring and supporting educators in ways that deepen and enrich their assessment expertise and understanding
  • Responding to issues related to the development and implementation of policies, guidelines and practices for AfL in Canada