Saskatoon, SK – September 18, 2014


Doug Drover, Living Sky SD
Robin Dubiel, Christ the Teacher RCSSD
Matthew Grupp, Northwest SD
Lori Jeschke, Prairie Spirit SD
Ken O’Connor, Toronto, CAfLN Board
Therri Papp, U of S Ph. D student

The meeting was held at the end of day 1 of the SELU/Solution Tree Assessment Conference. It started with everyone introducing themselves and identifying the main assessment issues in their divisions and was followed by general discussion of the issues raised.

DD, Living Sky – last year first for outcomes-based and rubrics, good new leadership; fun journey, not much push back. Concern – time factor, extra work; also preparedness of new teachers, those from Nipissing, Lethbridge best prepared.
RD, Christ the Teacher – outcomes-based report card K-9, lots of good material on division website; have a two year project on developing criteria.
MG, Northwest – have outcomes-based report card and improving outcomes-based assessment; hard change for many, parents like % grades, grade inflation issues and Michael Zwaagstra quotes.
LJ, Prairie Spirit – started move to AfL/outcomes in 2007, slow (at first) to fast; have a team of four supporting school implementation; required that principal p[resent for meetings. Strong support from Director – signed public letter. Lobbying for compulsory assessment class in teacher training.

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